Are packaging materials extra?
  Can you handle extremely fragile items?
  Do you provide insurance for the warehoused products?
Yes, we insure all products that are warehoused with us..
How will I get inventory and shipping information?
You will have secured, 24/7 web access to all your inventory and shipping information as well as custom-designed reports.
Are packaging materials extra?
Yes. You may supply us with your preferred cartons and inner packaging or let us purchase them for you through our sources. 
What shipping methods may I elect to use?
NJPP has access to ALL shipping carriers. We can make recommendations about the most cost-effective or appropriate shipping service, or we can use the shipping service of your choice.
Can you work directly with my e-commerce shopping cart?
Yes, we can interface directly with your shopping cart or you can upload your orders to our inventory control software.
Do you directly handle customer service issues?
You know your products and customers. This is a function most clients want to retain in-house.
Do you process customer rebates?
No. NJPP does not provide this service.
Can you process multi-product packages?
Yes. Combining multiple products into a single package can also result in freight savings. These savings can be passed along to the customer, or directly to your bottom line.
Do you provide order tracking?
Yes, you and your customers can track all orders through our inventory control software.
How does NJPP track inventory?
New Jersey Pick Pack has partnered with DEK Consulting. DEK has designed an inventory control system that allows our clients multiple options for sharing their item and order data with us and have 24/7 access to inventory and shipping data.
Do you inspect warehouse items when they arrive?
NJPP conducts �spot checks� as product arrives; we generally do not open and inspect every box. If NJPP is informed that certain suppliers should be inspected more closely, we will monitor these shipments accordingly. Additional hourly charges will apply for in-depth package inspections.
Do you have a centralized, Web-based system that can give me up-to-the-minute updates on my order fulfillment?
Yes we do.
Are there any items that you don�t ship?
NJPP does NOT accept items including weapons or contraband of any kind, hazmat, perishables, chemicals, pornography or pornographic-related materials. As a general rule, NJPP DOES handle "consumer non-durable goods."
Do you have a special secured area for high-value items?
A secured area can be provided for items that are considered "high value".
Can you handle extremely fragile items?
Yes. NJPP takes special precautions with extremely fragile items. We will consult with our clients about recommended packing materials to ensure the safe arrival of items.

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